International Relations Social Project 2017: New Style of Caring, Interaction with Nature

International Relations Social Project 2017: New Style of Caring, Interaction with Nature

Cikarang, – Creative Works Division of President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) conducted IR Social Project 2017, an annual event in which this year’s  purpose is different from last year’s, in which this year purpose is to encourage the students of President University’s International Relations Study Program to be more aware with their surroundings the people and to the environment.

This event invited the orphanage children from Rumah Harapan Orphanage in West Cikarang area, where the orphanage children join together with other International Relations students and visited Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor, West Java on Saturday(03/06/2017). They learn to love and care for the natural surroundings, and they are also taught to care for the animals around Kuntum Farmfield. The are also some speeches delivered by the project manager Gratia Immanuela, the owner of Kuntum Farmfield Ken, and the representative from Rumah Harapan orphanage.

“This event is a glorious event, I am very grateful that this event is taken place at Kuntum Farmfield where children and students can learn to love the natural surroundings and care more about the natural surroundings. I hope you all can enjoy the surroundings here, learn to care for the environment, and foster an awareness of the importance of a healthy and good environment, especially you will also be taught to care for the animals around,” said Mrs. Ken in response to the implementation of the event. Then the event is continued by exciting and interesting games that are done by 8 groups consisting of children orphanage and International Relations students. The purpose of these games is to make them more familiar with each other.

The first game was to give milk to the goats around Kuntum Farmfield, then continue with the second game of guessing the word, then proceed with the last game, which was catch the fish. Then, this event was continued with the closing agenda held at Sekar Wangi restaurant, where in this place the orphanage and participants children did a sharing session and breakfasting together. Then, followed by the performance from the students of International Relations.

Last but not least, the committees shared some gifts to the orphanage children. Then proceed with the delivery of the certificate to the Rumah Harapan orphanage, and donation as a form of gratitude, awareness and involvement from President University’s International Relations students to the orphans. [Gratia Immanuella]